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jason & the rex bullets are flying new york indie music
neon coney new york art film
uber prize ride new york indie comedy movie
big sexy and the brothers - hot nights in harlem new york music

About Us

Public School TV is a tight-knit community of filmmakers, screenwriters, visual artists, and musicians based in Brooklyn, New York. As a minority and women-led production company, we aim to create compelling, shareable content that amplifies diverse voices and perspectives. Our mission is to tip the scale and give voice to the unheard, fostering equity and representation in the media landscape. We collaborate with brands, artists, and other creators, utilizing our collective skills and experiences in producing, directing, and developing innovative content across various platforms. We are dedicated to crafting engaging interview series, docu-style narratives, short films, and music videos that resonate with a wide audience.


  1. Diversity & Inclusion: We believe in the richness of a multiplicity of perspectives and experiences. Our commitment to promoting diversity is not just evident in our productions but also within our community and company culture.
  2. Creativity & Innovation: Rooted in the heart of Brooklyn, we are a collective of creatives spanning various disciplines. We are committed to innovative storytelling, producing unique, culturally relevant content that stands out.
  3. Collaboration & Empowerment: Our strength lies in our community. We foster a collaborative environment, seeking partnerships with brands, artists, and creators who share our values. We empower our team and our clients to bring their authentic selves to every project.
  4. Impact & Progress: We believe in the power of media to effect change. We strive to make a tangible impact on society by tackling challenging issues through our content, inspiring and provoking meaningful actions that contribute to societal progress.